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How Do I Find the Right Editor?

Google “editors,” and a gazillion confusing matches to wade through will come up for editing services that include novels, short stories, journal entries, work reports, etc. Choosing the right editor will vary according to your needs as a writer. My previous blog covered the types of editing services that an author may require. As you further your search for the right editor, consider the following as well:

1. Is the editor certified? The copyediting certification process entails an intensive program through which perspective editors are required to become fluent in the fields of creative writing, nonfiction writing, and journalism. We are practiced professionals who have learned how to write in each field and conduct all stages of editing in them.

2. How much will editing cost? Depending on the type of editing service, editors can charge by the hour ($35 to $60); by the page ($6 to $7); or by the word (¢3 to ¢4). Of course, some charge much more but the above listed is the industry standard. I charge by the word, and my rates are between ¢1 and ¢2.5. I offer a lower price because I’m also an author and want to help other writers as they follow their publishing dream.

3. Is the editor enthusiastic about your work? Editors do what we do because we love language and literature. However, some fall into the trap of working on automatic when editing a genre they have no interest in. You want your editor to be as excited about your story as you are! The best way to learn if an editor is the right fit for you and your work is to submit a sample for review. Not only will the edited sample demonstrate an editor’s ability, but it will give you a chance to see if you “click” with him/her. Positive comments will flow from an editor in love with your work and stoked about your future success.

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