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What Kind of Editing Service Do I Need?

The type of editing service you need depends on the shape your manuscript is in when you submit it for editing. How confident are you about the multi-faceted mechanics of the writing process? The services offered by Penned Perfection are designed to assist authors with any stage of the editing process.

Authors with well-researched works, strong grammar and syntax skills, a keen awareness for lucid flow, and who religiously adhere to The Chicago Manual of Style, will probably only require a light proofread to correct easily missed typos, word redundancies, misspellings, and errors in punctuation.

Copyediting is the best choice for authors who would like all of the benefits of proofreading, plus a review of grammar and syntax, active to passive voice lapses, accidental point of view shifts (also known as character “head-hopping”), light fact-checking, and in-line notations of plot inconsistencies.

Think of developmental editing as hiring a book coach. During the developmental editing process, I will conduct a complete copyedit and make suggestions on ways to move the plot along, to tweak your story to hold the readers’ attention in areas where it may veer off track, and to tighten the work to meet publisher expectations, all while maintaining your voice.

If you’re still uncertain which editing package is best for you, please submit a one-thousand word sample. I’ll conduct a free edit of your sample and help you select the package that works best for you.

I look forward to working with you!

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