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The End! (What Now?)

There is nothing more satisfying than typing the final line of your manuscript. Yes, there it is in front of you, the product of countless hours of insomnia, anxiety, uncertainty, and thrilling spurts of inspiration. No matter the genre, your soul has been laid bare for all to judge. The possibilities are both exciting and frightening. Should you send three chapters with a query to an agent? Maybe just submit it directly to a publishing house that accepts unagented submissions? And, of course, there’s always the possibility of signing up for Kindle Direct Publishing and uploading your work to Amazon without an agent or traditional publisher. No matter which route you choose, the hard work you’ve poured into your novel will stultify if the script is not properly edited.

As the old adage goes, it’s impossible for an author to edit their own work. Should you polish your draft to the best of your ability? No doubt about it, as it signifies an author who is professional in her work ethic, serious about publishing, and dedicated to her readers. Professionalism and dedication to readers extend to an author’s ability to recognize the remaining shortcomings in her writing. Perhaps there are concerns about grammatical errors, punctuation, plot holes, redundancies, modifiers, unintentional passive voice, head hopping between characters, point of view shifts between paragraphs, sentence structure, formatting—all of the things that can stump a reader and cause him to become aggravated enough to close your book without finishing.

Enter the copyeditor.

For the copyeditor, there is nothing more satisfying than polishing an author’s work to perfection. We enjoy training our eyes on every word, phrase, clause, sentence, and punctuation mark that hold the potential for a writer’s success. It’s incredibly fulfilling to know that we can help ease an author’s anxieties and play some small part in helping them publish a work that readers will love, recommend to others, and prompt a following.

As a certified copyeditor and a traditionally published author, I know what it’s like to experience both sides of the publishing process. With a hopeful sigh, I have written “The End” on three manuscripts thus far in my writing career. And then off they went to my copyeditor for professional polishing. My copyeditor and I cheered together as my first work was accepted for publication in print by a traditional publishing house. The other two drew the attention of the agent who now represents me—all thanks to a clear copyedit that secured my audience’s attention.

What now?

Submit your manuscript,

and let’s make your dream happen, too!

- Katie



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