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A copyedit entails a line-by-line comprehensive review of your work: grammar, content lucidity, POV, active vs. passive voice, correct word usage, misspellings, word redundancies, punctuation, typos, and fact-checking of proper nouns and titles.

*Includes Phone Consulation

Light Proofreading

¢1/2 (one half)/ Word

A light proofread includes correcting misspellings, typos, word redundancies, and punctuation.

*Includes Phone Consultation

Developmental Editing

¢2/ Word

Developmental Editing is a package deal that includes, proofreading, copyediting, and a 2-4 page written report of feedback and suggestions to help you keep your story from veering off track, strengthening reader, agent, and publisher engagement.

*Includes Phone Consultation

Book Review

*Prices Vary

A 250-300 word, unbiased review of your edited book. You can choose whether you would like to have the review published on Amazon, or if you would prefer to just keep it for feedback.
*Prices Vary by Length
**Consultation Required

"Katie Salvo has an eye for detail that helps authors execute the prose that they intend. She thoughtfully examines the words and sentences for structure and flow so that the grammar is clean. And, yet, the elegance of each sentence is unaffected. Katie is structured, prompt, and always meets her deadlines. In short, she is an excellent editor, for copy, content, or everything all together."


Amy Brewer

Co-author of Texting Prince Charming

& Literary Agent at Metamorphosis Literary Agency



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